Mara Ewers, Florian Zimmermann. Image and Misreporting.

In this paper we ask if reports of private information about skills, abilities or achievements are affected by image concerns. We develop a simple model that illustrates how image utility can lead to misreporting of private information in contexts where truthful reports maximize monetary outcomes. In addition, we test the model’s predictions in a controlled lab experiment. In the experiment, all subjects go through a series of quiz questions and subsequently report a performance measure. We va...

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Florian Zimmerman. Clumped or Piecewise? - Evidence on Preferences for Information.

The selection and processing of information is a key element in virtually all areas of economic decision-making. Individuals facing economic choices, e.g., investing in education, choosing an optimal health insurance plan, buying a house or deciding how much to save for the future, need to choose sources of potentially helpful information and process this information to be able to make an informed decision. Likewise, economic choices a ect the kind, structure and timing of information decision-...

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