Persuasive Technology for Health Behaviour Change. October 17, 2013 – October 18, 2013

By the end of this course, you will understand how to build evidence-based behaviour change interventions, whether for websites, social media profiles, online campaigns, or mobile apps. This two-day intensive course will put you on the fast-track to designing online interventions that are more engaging and effective. This workshop will show you how to: - Analyze and design more persuasive websites, social media profiles, online campaigns and apps; - Apply behaviour change science and prac...  


Online Course: “Behavioural Economics in Action” on edX, by Dilip Soman. October 14, 2013 – November 25, 2013

How can we get people to save more money, eat healthy foods and engage in healthy behaviours, and more generally make better choices? There has been a lot written about the fact that human beings do not process information and make decisions in an optimal fashion. This course builds on much of the fascinating work in the area of behavioural economics and allows the student to develop a hands-on approach by learning its methods and more importantly, how it can be harnessed by suitably designing c...  


Designing Decisions – Training in Choice Architecture – Psychology of Choice. October 3, 2013 – October 4, 2013

How to significantly influence the choices people make? Choice architecture represents the intentional design of a choice environment aimed at guiding choice towards one particular option. Choice sets or environments are often encountered in daily life and some simple examples are: the service packages that a telecommunications or insurance company offers, the restaurant menu, the products displayed in an online shop, the products included in a sales catalogue and the types of accounts that can ...  


The economics of inequality and human development: a lecture by James Heckman (Chicago). September 3, 2013

Nobel laureate, Professor James Heckman (Chicago) will deliver a lecture on 3 September on "The Economics of Inequality and Human Development." This policy lecture is organised by the Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) and the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice, two ESRC research centres hosted at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). More information here...  


Professor Dean Karlan. Using evidence to influence policy: experience from less-developed countries. August 27, 2013

Professor Karlan notes that is it not always in the nature of academics to work proactively with those charged with implementing their suggestions. Many academics see their role as to test theories, and not to consider whether their research will see the light of day outside academic circles. This often affects the nature of their research questions which do not always lead to a workable policy solution. This disconnect between the need for quality evidence to inform policy and the nature of ...  


Advanced Finance and Stochastics. June 24, 2013 – June 28, 2013

International Conference "Advanced Finance and Stochastics" will be held in Moscow, Russia on June 24–28, 2013 and is organized by Steklov Mathematical Institute, PreMoLab and STRADO. We invite researchers in mathematical finance and related fields to participate in the conference. There will be 19 plenary lectures given by world-renowned academicians and practitioners, as well as contributed talks and poster sessions. More information here...  

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