Economic Science Association N. America Conference. October 24, 2013 – October 26, 2013

The Economic Science Association (ESA) is a professional organization devoted to economics as an observational science, using controlled experiments to learn about economic behavior. The ESA welcomes participation by economists interested in the results of such experiments, as well as scholars in psychology, business, political science, and other related fields. More information here...  


35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making. October 19, 2013 – October 23, 2013

SMDM conducts an annual North American meeting each fall. The meeting will provide a highly interactive forum for discussion of novel research based on decision and behavior theory and analytical models applied to health related decisions. Presentations of original research, keynote talks, special symposia and short courses will offer attendees the opportunity to explore diverse topics in medical decision making. The North American Annual Meeting will be planned and implemented in accordance ...  


Workshop on Behavioural Economics: Science, Philosophy, and Policy-Making. October 17, 2013 – October 18, 2013

The workshop is devoted to assess the scientific basis, philosophical presuppositions, and policy applications of behavioural economics. The workshop will bring together economists, psychologists, political scientists, philosophers, and policy-makers interested in these topics. More information here ...  


Association for Consumer Research Conference. Chicago. October 3, 2013 – October 6, 2013

The theme of this conference is “Making a Difference,” which was inspired by the energy of Chicago, by its ability to change, adapt, and remain cutting edge in creative domains such as architecture, food, arts, and music. We hope that this conference will be an opportunity for consumer researchers from all over the world to discuss ways in which our ideas can make a difference to established theory and practice, as well as advance our understanding of consumers in the lab and in the field. But C...  


Behavioral Finance Symposium: The Galtere Institute. October 10, 2013

Academics and investment professionals will be joining together to discuss the concept of Risk Management post financial crisis in the context of Behavioral Finance. More information here...  


The Undercover Economist Strikes Back. October 1, 2013

A million readers bought The Undercover Economist to get the lowdown on how economics works on a small scale, in our everyday lives. Since then, economics has become big news. Crises, austerity, riots, bonuses - all are in the headlines all the time. But how does this large-scale economic world really work? What would happen if we cancelled everyone's debt? How do you create a job? Will the BRIC countries take over the world? Asking - among many other things -- what the future holds for the Euro...  

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