Neuromarketing World Forum. March 29-31 2017, London

Neuromarketing World Forum. March 29-31 2017, London

ADVERTISERS, MARKET RESEARCHERS, CMOS AND AUDIENCE RESEARCHERS The Neuromarketing World Forum is the annual meeting for everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing, like agencies, marketers, CMOs, audience researchers, consumer insight professionals and neuromarketing educators. After successful editions in Amsterdam, São Paulo, New York, Barcelona and Dubai the organizers are convinced that the sixth edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum will give the international audience tons of new insights. 3 REASONS TO ATTEND THE NEUROMARKETING WORLD FORUM 1. Enhance your understanding of consumer behavior and what makes them buy 2. Evaluate how neuromarketing can be combined with other fields to maximize success 3. Connect with industry vanguard and get first-hand, tailored advice on how to apply neuromarketing

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