Nadine Riedel, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch. Asymmetric Obligations.

We use a laboratory experiment to investigate the behavioral effects of obligations that are not backed by binding deterrent incentives. To implement such ‘expressive law’ we introduce different levels of very weakly incentivized, symmetric and asymmetric minimum contribution levels (obligations) in a repeated public goods experiment. The results provide evidence for a weak expressive function of law: while the initial impact of high obligations on behavior is strong, it decreases over time. Asy...

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Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch. Less fighting than expected. Experiments with wars of attrition and all-pay auctions.

While all-pay auctions are well researched experimentally, we do not have much laboratory evidence on wars of attrition. This paper tries to fill this gap. Technically, there are only a few differences between wars of attrition and all-pay auctions. Behaviorally, however, we find striking differences: As many studies, our experiment finds overbidding in all-pay auctions. In contrast, in wars of attrition we observe systematic underbidding. We study bids and expenditures in different experimental...

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Hannah Schildberg-Horisch. Instructions to "Is the veil of ignorance only a concept about risk? An experiment.

The instructions were originally in German. Below we present the translated instructions of the veil of ignorance treatment. The instructions of the dictator game and the risk treatment are structured and phrased in the same way with just one exception: to explain the risk treatment in the most natural and easiest possible way the instructions did not mention the state of being participant A (dictator) or B (receiver), but described the two possible states by throwing a dice and getting either a...

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