Christian Ewerhart


Specializes in the role of liquidity in today's markets introducing insights into market behavior through the study of game theory. In 1997, Professor Ewerhart received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Bonn within the framework of the European Doctoral Program. Subsequently, he worked in the private sector, first for the Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant to financial firms, and later heading the strategic controlling unit at Deutsche Börse Group. During 2000-2003, Christian Ewerhart held research positions at the University of Mannheim, the European Central Bank, and the University of Bonn. In September 2003, he became Professor in Information Economics and Contract Theory at the University of Zurich. Professor Ewerhart's research interests include the economic theory and its application to financial auctions, liquidity, and interbank markets. Christian Ewerhart has published in journals such as the Journal of Economic Theory, the Rand Journal of Economics, the International Journal of Central Banking, and the European Journal of Finance. He has been active as a speaker on international conferences, panel discussions, and at central banks.

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